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• Anti-skid Vinyl Flooring option suitable for bus application, Airports, Floor mats for automobiles etc.
• Various emboss options such as Stud, Chequered, Ultra, Diamond and Football
• Available in various color options to match the various interiors
• Non woven polyester (Optional) backing qualities also available

Stud Green KD2041
Brick Gold KD2099
Stud Blue KD2010
Stud Black KD2051
Stud Yellow KD2011
Stud Dark Grey KD2147
Light Grey KD2038
Stud White KD2001
Stud Ocean Blue KD2029
Diamond Black DA2051
Diamond Dark Grey DA2147
Football Black KF2051
Football Craft Brown KF2073
Football Dark Grey KF2147
Ultra Rustic Brown GU3000
Ultra Grey GU2204
Ultra Terracotta GU2957V
Ultra Navy Blue GU2032
Chequered Ocean Blue KC2029
Chequered Brick Gold KC2099
Chequered Steel Grey KC2078
Chequered Pearl White KC2143
Chequered Black KC2051
Stud Black GD2051
Ultra Black GU2051
Stud Korunde Grey GD2201
Stud Terracotta GD2957
Stud Korunde Black GD2202
Stud Korunde Blue GD2203
Stud Grey GD2204
Stud Ocean Blue GD2029
Stud Navy Blue GD2032

Suitable For

Technical Specification
       Installation & Maintenance

The Sub Floor

Sub floor plays important role for any type of installation job, hence it is important to ensure that sub floor is
evenly levelled, dry, tuff and ready for PVC flooring installation

General guidelines for making sub floor.

Base floor should have following properties:

• Absolutely hard, level, dry, smooth and ready for installation.
• Free from cracks, irregularities , If any should be corrected with appropriate material.
• No contamination with oil, grease, paint or any other substance which affects the adhesion.
• Use cement based products for sub floor preparation and should be evenly spread
• Flat surface with maximum deflexion for 2m spirit level : for 0.20m spirit level : 2mm
• Moisture content should not be more than 75% R.H. Drying time is required of approximately 1 day per to be measured.
• Smoothing compound to use for perfectly smooth floor.
• Floor covering should be laid up to the joints and joints to be covered with an plastic or metal joint cover
• Damp proof membrane to laid before installation in case of sub floor direct to ground. This membrane act as a water proof layer.
• If there is old carpet, old vinyl, linoleum or rubber flooring already laying remove, clean and apply smoothing compound

Sheet laying method:

• The unrolled sheet must left in the room to be covered
• Vinyl sheet to be laid length wise in the same direction.
• Fold back sheet half way. • Apply Rubber based / Acrylic emulsion adhesive
• Long open time of adhesive will lead to poor transfer of Adhesive. Less open time of adhesive will lead to bubble formation. Refer Adhesive manufacturer’s instruction manual
• Smooth down manually and then roll with a 65 kg flooring roller
• Grooving and Hot welding to be done after 24 hours
• Do not traffic the floor coverings for 48 hours after installation


• Vinyl Flooring can be cleaned daily with a damp mop and weekly or fortnightly with a mild soap solution.
• Severely soiled or floors with stubborn stains can be cleaned with the use of a coir brush or fine steel wool no. 000 soaked in warm soap solution to clean the affected area.
• Clear water mopping is necessary to remove chemical spillage on the flooring and after scrubbing operation to remove residue.
• Do not throw lit cigarette butts or match sticks on the floor.
• Avoid dragging heavy furniture / objects to prevent scratches.
• Application of wax polish or floor finish should never be used as it will build up an insulating film on the surface

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